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10 Tips How to Increase Revenue in Hotels

Here are 10 tips for effortless marketing — how to increase revenue in hotels and receive more bookings.

How to increase revenue in hotels? This question has been asked again time and again at the meeting table. It is not an easy task for any hotel to earn increasing revenue in every quarter. This requires a lot of work from the hoteliers in terms of organizing the campaign and promoting their new line of service. It is challenging enough for the sales and marketing team to come up with good ideas, but they also have to execute it. In fact, none of the hoteliers have the required time; to fix that, they might need a little help.

1. Focus on customer satisfaction
98% of your guests will spend more if they feel like they get maximum value; if your guests are not happy with your service, it will hurt your hotel’s reputation. Be sure to keep up with a high standard of service. Also, you should respond to guests in a calm and friendly manner.

2. Offer a better price than competitors
Offer a better value for your guests. The study shows that over 75 percent of people prefer to book a hotel room via the internet, so if you make your price more flexible while also making it easy for customers to book directly from your website, then you will have a higher chance of getting the business from OTAs.

3. Make your employees happier
It is very important to keep the hotel’s staff happy. The reason behind this is because you want them to provide top-class service to your guests. By paying them fairly and recognizing their work, it will help them stay motivated. When your employees go above and beyond their duties, guests’ expectations will be fulfilled and exceeded; therefore, improving the reputation of your hotel.

4. Make the guests feel at home
Offer a warm welcome message before the arrival of your guest. Send out a welcome email with a special message while also offering additional hotel service. This will create a strong guest-hotel bond. Your hotel needs to fulfill all requests from the guest—for example, arranging a transfer, reservation at the finest restaurant in town, room décor as a surprise birthday present to enable them to feel at home as soon as they step in.

5. Ask the guests if they need an upgrade
It is routine to ask your guests if they are interested in upgrading their room. If there is an empty junior suite, why not offer it to them at 30% increase on what they already paid. Most of the time, they will agree to it.

6. Sell the other hotel products
You can increase your hotel’s revenue stream by making available for purchase branded hotel products like towels, linens, and shampoos. You will be surprised at how much guests like to buy hotel products to take home as a gift or souvenir.

7. Sell tickets
Suggest and make special ticket offers to guests for an upcoming event. This is a great opportunity for you to upsell your hotel ‘s additional services—for example, taxi-transfer, flowers, and dinner reservations. As a result, the guest will enjoy the city more while your hotel earns more revenue—a win-win for both parties.

8. Social media marketing
Social media trend help hotels connect more with their guests. It is very easy now to promote a hotel’s activities on Facebook and Twitter. Try to post new information often, and remember that it’s necessary to engage with guests’ comments. You can read more about social media strategies that hotel can use via HotelSpeak.

9. Send personal emails
To add a personal touch, you can write an email to a guest, offering an early booking promotion for their upcoming birthday. It is a great opportunity for your hotel to increase its revenue using a returning customer.

10. Invest in automated upselling software
To understand customer needs while also increasing the revenue of your hotel, you need an upsell software. It will be too much work if you have to search through the data of all your guests; it will also take a lot of time. This can be fixed using a ready and automated upsell software where the system analyzes the guests’ data and sends special offers to them automatically. This will bring you more revenue while saving you a lot of time.


Every hotel has the same goal which is to increase revenue and receive more bookings. By training your staff and investing in technology, your hotel will maintain a high-quality standard. Remember to think of the guest before you think of money. In return, your hotel will experience an improvement in sales and net revenue.

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