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3 Upsell Techniques You Must Know

Great Upsell techniques will increase sales and improve the guest satisfaction — Let’s take a look at the hotel upsell techniques.

What is Upsell?

Upsell is a sales approach in which the seller provides opportunities for purchase of related products or services to the customer, and it aims for making larger revenue. An example of upselling happens when a hotel guest books a standard room and they are asked by the hotel receptionist: “Do you want to upgrade your room from standard to deluxe?” This is done in an attempt to convince the guest/s to pay more for a bigger room.

Other examples of services that are offered by hotels are taxi transfers, spa packages, the sightseeing tour, prior guest arrivals, and advance booking of a hotel room for the next visit after the guest has left the hotel.

How to Use Upsell Techniques

Upsell is something that most hotels do to enhance their revenue. Hotels provide the alternative options for guests in order to upgrade their stay by providing value-added services with attractive prices.

The hotels prepare the campaign according to the guests’ needs and then determine which service will be offered to the guests by matching the guest data. Usually, during the high season hotels are fully booked so the hotels will offer additional services to the guests to earn extra revenue; and during the low season, hotels will upsell hotel rooms. However, it does require a special kind of skill to offer the proper service to the proper guest, and there may be a need for help to sort out the guest data. The use of technology can speed up the process, and this is so easy when using automatic software. This software sends out the relevant offers including the room upgrades, taxi transfer, the dinner reservations, and spa packages directly to the email inbox of the guests.

1. Upsell in the reception
During check-in, it could be a great opportunity to offer a room upgrade and additional services to the guests. For example, to upsell a room, as the receptionist, you need to present the value and use structured sentences like “For 50€ more, I can offer you one of our best deluxe rooms.” or “If you book the classical massage now you can save 30€ and pay only 25€ instead of 55€.”

Here are the upsell techniques

  • Don’t confuse the guest by offering too many upgrades all at once. Try to stick with two options and ask a simple question like “Would you prefer to stay at the larger room?” and if the guest answers ‘yes’ then you can explain more about that offer.
  • Let them know that the upgrades being offered to them are a unique opportunity. You could try the following sentence: “For being one of our loyal clients, I can offer you a 25% discount for the next booking.”

Efficiently upselling will increase sales and improve guest satisfaction. The technique is to create an air of urgency and limited offers. It is important to keep in mind that small choices will eliminate the confusion and help the guests to make the decision quicker. And you can promote the room upgrade in advance or at the time that the guest confirms the booking.

2. Upsell in the Restaurant
Think about a five-star hotel in Paris for instance. An effective hotel waiter would likely pay attention to the guest’s details. If the same guest stays several times in the past three months at the hotel and always orders the same bottle of France, Chardonnay, a good waiter should recommend dishes like seared foie gras and a rich Chardonnay. This approach boosts the restaurant’s revenue and it also makes a good impression on the guest. You could find more tips for upselling in restaurants at Forketers, restaurant marketing blog.

However, if you are a small hotel and are lacking in staff, I would suggest you use the ‘mobile concierge service’. It will show relevant new offers to the guest via a Wi-Fi landing page where the guests can order services with one click and the restaurant gets an immediate notification of the new bookings. Learn more about the benefit of the mobile concierge at our during stage page.

3. Upsell in the Wellness and Spa Center
Upselling can be promoted at the time of check-in, but as a matter of fact, it would be nicer if the hotel receives spa bookings in advance. This is especially so for leisure travelers who may want to upgrade their spa treatments.

The hotel tracks guests’ orders and makes purchase recommendations based on past orders. If you have ever booked a classical massage from the hotel, you have probably noticed that the hotel will recommend other relevant spa packages or facial treatments as well.

For example, if the guest bought one of the Guinot relaxing facial treatments, then the beautician can recommend more of Guinot facial products, e.g. facial cleansers, moisturizer cream or 10% off of the next facial treatment. The thing to remember is that successful upsell happens when a seller offers relevant products or services to the right customer.

Upsell Techniques:

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In conclusion

Knowing your guests and offering a relevant service is the critical key to a successful hotel. By increasing customer satisfaction and going the extra mile which includes suggesting a good value product, you will help to enhance guests stay, and as a result, the hotel will earn more revenue and increase profitability.

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