Alternative to Oaky

Oaky is a well know provider of upselling for hotels. They are known for their easy-to-use interface. Although they’ve been primarily used by the revenue managers, recently they preach the guest experience message. Here we are going to give our (biased) explanation of why you should really reconsider.

Upselling does not equal guest experience

Although one step in building awesome guest experiences is upselling and personalisation, there is so much more. No one wants to receive a bunch of emails about upgrades and massage if you will also get confirmations messages, check-in forms on top of that. Each system sends a message with its own design and uses its own schedule. End result is a fragmented guest experience. This is not an improvement. Different systems, different designs, different experiences and unfortunately overlapping schedules.

Oaky guest journey

Overpromise, underdeliver

Upselling can work in many cases amazingly but what ends up happening is you have a dedicated personal fine-tuning the system to earn 1-5K EUR revenue a month. But this hardly moves the hotel revenue needle. It merely diverts focus and creates a false impression of an improved guest experience.

Oaky reports (public source)


At GuestJoy we take a completely different approach. The world is complicated enough for us and for our guests. With one solution to manage the entire guest journey, you not only save time but also provide a much better experience for your guests. Read more here