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3 ways to communicate with your guests and get them to write outstanding reviews

How to get your guests to write positive reviews on TripAdvisor and Google: This topic has been raised a number of times among the hoteliers because they know the importance of every review!

Online guest reviews have never been more important. When a guest is searching for a hotel to stay, they seek valuable information, far more than the hotel’s website can provide. In our world today, guests now have the opportunity to read about the personal experience of previous guests; thus, they pay attention to online reviews. Websites like TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook all play an extremely important role as a mirror for the reputation of hotel brands.

From a study, we found that smart travelers are more communicative and 95% of them read online reviews before booking their accommodation. New guests often spend about an hour searching before they make a reservation; they consider factors such as price, location, and most importantly, guests’ reviews. However, today, hotels are facing another challenge — prevention of fake reviews. This article will contain tips on how to get your guests to write outstanding reviews and avoid fake ones.

1.  Engage with guests

Hotels face most of these problems due to a lack of communication with their guests. Most hotels fail to engage with their guests by establishing appropriate communication, and this has to be rectified. To better engage with guests, hotels must build a two-way communication, by collecting feedback and adding guest communication steps to the service process. This should begin with before-stay emails — sending a welcome message and collecting first feedback — from the moment guests make their reservation; during-stay — hotels can offer Facebook messenger for guests to leave a quick review or send personalized after-stay emails to collect online reviews to TripAdvisor or Google!

After stay email

2.  Get TripAdvisor widget

Do you know that you can get TripAdvisor reviews to display on your website? As the biggest review platform, TripAdvisor has a free online widget that allows you to display reviews from guests on your website. The process is very simple; you only need to log in using a TripAdvisor business account and choose the widget you want to display, then copy and paste the customized code into your website’s HTML.Learn how to add a TripAdvisor Widget to your website by clicking the link below:

TripAdvisor Widget

3. Don’ forget Google My Business reviews!

A large number of people (about 81%) prefer to use Google for hotel search. By directing your guests to the Google reviews page, you will improve your hotel’s website search engine optimization (SEO) score, thereby increasing traffic to your website. A recent study found that review scores can boost click-through rates by up to 35%. As a result, your guests will find it easier to book directly from you. In terms of accuracy, Google now offers an interface where any web browser is allowed to write reviews without the need to fill in details for identification.

Google Review

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In a nutshell

As you can imagine, customers today now trust online reviews and take it as an indicator of the performance of a service. The biggest influential websites such as Tripadvisor,, and Google now have a huge impact on a customer’s booking decision. The best way to get real reviews from real guests is to send an automated email a few days after the guest leaves; this has proven to be the most efficient and accurate way. With customized emails thanking the guest for their stay and inviting them to leave a feedback, you will leave a lasting impression on your guests and have a better chance of receiving an outstanding online review for your service.

This is a feedback from one of our customers who use GuestJoy’s guest communication tool to improve the overall guest satisfaction level

Executive-Officer-ve-společnosti-Quissisana‘’GuestJoy has helped us to connect with our guests prior and after their stay in a way that is both elegant and efficient. The set-up was easy and fun, and the dashboards showing all relevant data are well-arranged and clear. We have seen incremental revenue from upselling additional services and we are getting necessary TripAdvisor feedbacks automatically.’’

Václav Vítek, executive officer at Quissisana Palace,