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Announcements – What are they good for?

Informing only certain guests about a one-time thing? We got you!

A new GuestJoy feature that can come in very handy during any event happening at a hotel. Whether it’s a valentine’s day offer or a new government restriction that applies to your property, if you’d like to inform your guest’s Announcements are a perfect way. 

So what are announcements?
They are a one-time email that you can send to a selected number of guests, based on the 

  • Date range based on arrival & departure
  • All guests at your property on a certain date or date range
  • Reservation status (confirmed, canceled, or both)

For us at GuestJoy it’s extremely important that hoteliers can take the most out of our platform, and the guest experience they provide is seamless, automated and useful. 

Let’s go through a couple of examples of why is this important for both you and your guests. 


It’s annoying and loud just outside your hotel. You can inform your guests about alternative access and offer free earplugs for light sleepers.

Local activities:
Let your guests know what’s worth seeing in your city, whether that is a museum, a festival or a Christmas market.

Covid restrictions: 

Your guests are probably wondering whether your property is safe, what is your cancellation policy, and how can they possibly push their holiday at your property to a later date. You can inform them about all these in a simple email.
Re-inviting guests who canceled or stayed at your property earlier is also an option.

Your special date&time based offers: 

Do you have some offers that are time and date specific? For e.g.: Valentines, Mother’s Day, Easter? Would you like to upsell the last available seats/items? Just send out a little info about the offers. 

Is it important to you to know how many people have seen your offers or are the announcement emails something crucial that your guests have to see? We have you covered! With the GuestJoy platform, you can see the results of how many people were reached a few minutes after sending, including those who have failed to receive your message. 

It all requires very little effort on your part yet these emails are fully customizable, enhancing your brand with your own images and colors.  

Announcements can be really useful for personal communication, for offering help, to inform your guests about a cool event in your town and all in all, just give a human touch while being automated.

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