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Automation in Hospitality: Why the time is right to start using GuestJoy

Andrew Martin, our customer experience manager, giving his keynote about automation in hospitality at the HotelTime’s event in Prague

Thursday, October 17th was HotelTime’s latest event, held in Prague, and the theme of the day was Automation in Hospitality – an event we were obviously keen to be a part of!

The Participants

Other than GuestJoy, the other participants included:

  • Niall Lenihan, Partnerships Development Manager with our friends Net Affinity
  • Alexander Edström, CEO of Atomize
  • Travis Henry, Hospitality Director at Total Processing
  • Jan Hejny, CEO of HotelTime Solutions

The Venue

The event was held at Hotel Don Giovanni, Prague; a wonderful 4-star, 400+ room hotel standing proudly in the heart of Europe. We had a very healthy attendance of over 80 hoteliers who were keen to learn the various ways that automation would be able to help their properties.

GuestJoy’s Presentation

Our presentation was titled How to Supercharge Your Revenue and Reputation by Doing Nothing.

We decided that we wanted to help dispel any of the negative connotations that our audience might have with automation. Hopefully, pointing out how automation is already a major part of our lives, and has been for a long time, went to some lengths to achieve that.

Principles of automation

Importantly, we wanted to share some principles about any automation you are considering for your property. They were:

  • Automation should never detract from the guest experience. Remember, we run hotels, not Airbnbs, and guests expect a certain experience when they choose us.
  • Automation should not force you to do extra work. The whole idea of automation is that we are streamlining existing tasks, whether they are big or small. So, in essence, once something is automated, it should be invisible.
  • Any automation that you put in place should, at the very least, be cost-neutral. However, given the opportunities available from using automation, it’s fair to say that automation should give you a demonstrably high ROI.
  • Finally, automation should never be overkill. This kind of relates to the first point, however, it’s more about the idea that automation shouldn’t be the answer to something that wasn’t a problem to begin with!

The key to automation in hotels

Next, we talked about the key to automation – the smartphone.

Some technology innovations come and go (does anybody remember 3D televisions?), but others are here to stay. And for hoteliers, the smartphone is the focal point of easy ways to automate many of their operations, because everybody has one! 

When conducting research for this presentation, we found an excellent study – the Customer Engagement Technology Study 2019 – and in particular, we were fascinated with this particular chart:

Here, we can see the number of actions and functions that guests expect to be able to complete from their smartphones today.

So, with guest expectations already poised like this, we know that now is the time to start looking at how automating things in your property will pay off.

Automation is an opportunity

Far from being a buzzword, automation now presents as a serious opportunity to enhance the way your property operates and to provide an even better experience for your guests.

At GuestJoy, we’ve known this for a long time, and we have been busy building our unique platform that covers all parts of your guests’ journey: prior to their arrival, during their stay, and after their departure.

GuestJoy is like having an extra staff member on your team whose sole responsibility is to ensure seamless communication with your guests, enabling you to supercharge your upsell revenue and online reputation – without doing anything.

The bottom line

The end result, really, is that automation frees up you and your staff to allow you to focus on providing your guests with the best possible experience.

And that’s why so many people choose hotels in these times – the experience they can have. Nobody knows this better than GuestJoy, and that’s why our platform is the best of its kind!

Presenters on the day

Net Affinity

Net Affinity, a long-time friend of ours at GuestJoy, was represented by Niall Lenihan. Net Affinity is a company that is dedicated to driving more direct bookings at your property, via a host of products and consultative services. 

Learn more about how Net Affinity can help your property here.


Atomize is a company whose aim is to increase revenue and save you time by automatically setting the optimal price at any given moment, for every room type. Their CEO Alexander Edström presented on the day.

See how Atomize can help dramatically increase your revenue here.

Total Processing

Total Processing is a company dedicated to enabling hotels to accept payments online on their own terms. Being a bank-agnostic platform allows Total Processing to focus on the needs of their customers as their priority. Explaining all of this one day was Travis Henry.

Find out more about Total Processing and their services here.

HotelTime Solutions

Our fantastic hosts of this event and great partners at HotelTime Solutions produce HotelTime, a fully-featured cloud-based PMS system with more than 500 customers in 11 countries worldwide.

HotelTime Property Management System solution currently operates in properties as large as 400 rooms and as well as smaller properties with less than 50 rooms. It also enables chains with multiple properties to efficiently manage multi-property operations. CEO Jan Hejný presented on the day.

Discover just how much HotelTime Solutions can transform your own property here.

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