Hotsoft + GuestJoy

The cooperation between Hotsoft PMS and GuestJoy takes digital guest communication to a completely new level. The world won´t be the same anymore and also hospitality needs to take a new course. Digital guest communication is becoming part of our daily life. Online check-in to fasten the check-in process or choosing suitable services before the actual arrival date will make life more comfortable for the guests but also takes away repetitive tasks from a receptionist. The result will be a better digital guest experience and not less important is the time-saving.

How does it work?

The two-way API interface between Hotsoft PMS and GuestJoy enables hoteliers to create digital guest experiences using a single product. Once the integration is set up, the data flow between Hotsoft and GuestJoy is seamless. Updates made in GuestJoy appear in the guest folio.

Key benefits this new two-way integration brings

  • Update check-in data in the PMS without manual entry
  • Update orders and add to guest folio
  • Upsell goes straight to invoicing
  • Real-time room availability check and automated room upgrades
  • More frequent updates (once an hour vs once a day with the old one)
  • More segmentation fields

About GuestJoy

Leading Guest experience platform. The preferred choice among modern hoteliers who want to digitalize their guest experience but avoid using multiple standalone systems. Designed to simplify the life of you and your guests. GuestJoy is trusted by hundreds of properties in 25 countries.

About Hotsoft

Hoist Group’s HotSoft PMS is an industry-leading Property Management System (PMS). It has proven its value for over 1,500 multi-property groups, small and large hotels, B&B’s, Spa’s, Resorts, and various other hospitality businesses.

It enables you to manage all your daily hotel operations easily. It gives you control of your booking process as well as your guest journey. It helps you implement an end-to-end Mobile Guest Journey including online reservation, mobile check-in and check-out as well as mobile room keys.

HotSoft PMS is a single, easy-to-use, seamless cloud-based PMS solution that comes with a wide choice of modules you can choose from.

Hoteliers around the world need to strike a fine balance. They’ve been forced to streamline their operations as much as possible to gain efficiencies, save time and reduce costs – all whilst to maintain high levels of guest satisfaction and increasing RevPAR. This is only possible by balancing offline with the online guest experience. The two-way API interface between Guestline PMS and GuestJoy helps hoteliers to deliver a modern guest experience by streamlining pre-arrival processes such as upselling and guest registration.

Read more about it here 

How does it work?

The two-way API interface between Guestline PMS and GuestJoy enables hoteliers to create digital guest experiences using a single product. Once the integration is set up, the data flow between Guestline and GuestJoy is seamless. Updates made in GuestJoy appear in the guest folio.

  • When a guest completes GuestJoy’s check-in form and submits it, the information is updated in both GuesJoy and Guestline via the 2-way integration.
  • The reservation data received from Guestline is used to create segments, so that offers featured in the upsell email are specific to that guest.
  • GuestJoy is an official Tripadvisor partner and has full tracking of reviews that are submitted by GuestJoy guests.

About GuestJoy

Leading Guest experience platform. The preferred choice among modern hoteliers who want to digitalize their guest experience but avoid using multiple standalone systems. Designed to simplify the life of you and your guests. Hundreds of properties in 25 countries trust GuestJoy.

About Guestline

Guestline’s multi-award-winning property management, distribution and digital marketing software for hospitality businesses are cloud-based. The software enables hospitality business owners and managers in sectors such as hotels, serviced apartments, pubs, and more, to manage bookings and operations both efficiently and profitably.

Innovative technology developments include integration with many leading third-party applications, tokenization for PCI compliance, website design and additional functionality to improve customer service and capture more revenue.

With offices in Europe and Asia, Guestline’s systems are used in 25 countries across 5 continents and enable properties of all sizes to achieve maximum occupancy at the most profitable rate.

We are so happy to announce that GuestJoy was a finalist and then won 2nd place in the Hotel Tech Report Upselling Software category.
As our competitors set very high standards we have worked very hard to get all reviews and partner recommendations in place.

Thank you to all of those who contributed to our position!
Hospitality professionals all over the world acknowledged our product.
If you are interested check out the scoring criteria.

Here are some of our favorite reviews:

I love their integration with Mews. They established two-way connectivity so the hotels could fully benefit from the contactless guest experience and a digital guest journey. These two systems together work like magic:)

Markus Levin, Sales Director – Mews

Easy & solid. That is the essence of GuestJoy. They offer a great guest journey for business owners looking to improve their check-in, upsell, and feedback flow. It is an extremely easy-to-use tool for the segment that needs this most: small and mid-sized hotels.

Christoph Irving, Partnerships Manager – Room Price Genie

Take a look at our profiles: GuestJoy Upselling and GuestJoy Surveys for more!

the badge we received from Hotel Tech Report

The Accor chain has more than 5000 hotels in 4 categories from economy to luxury, meaning they have an offering to suit every type of traveler. Accor hotels pride themselves on being innovative, inclusive and promoting equality throughout their work and employment as well. 

The Eastern European Accor branch has been working with GuestJoy for a year now using all GuestJoy features; contactless online check-in, guest communication emails, upselling, and feedback gathering. 

Pullmann Riga Old Town

In order to meet the requirements of Accor, GuestJoy developed many touch points for guests to join Accor’s loyalty program, as this was a key metric for them. The presence of these touch points resulted in a higher number of loyalty club sign-ups.

“Out of all the products available, we chose GuestJoy because it’s easy to use, and it offers multiple solutions in one platform which covers the entire digital guest journey. Thanks to this we can engage with our guests before, during and after their stay, which is really important to us.”

Daniela Nova, Digital Media Director Accor
Eastern Europe

Daniela is excited about continuing through 2021 with GuestJoy. GuestJoy helped the Accor properties through the busy times of 2019, as well as difficult times during 2020. As a seamless, automated system, it liberates hoteliers from a lot of labor that they have otherwise performed manually. 

Daniela continued; “GuestJoy has countless benefits. A lot of them are especially useful these days when guests expect and need contactless interaction in the hotel. 

With GuestJoy, our properties can prepare all the arrivals, get the necessary information from visitors legally and safely, meanwhile also targeting them with offers and services. 

GuestJoy has excellent customer support, they always react quickly to any hotel request”.

We are delighted to have the Eastern European Accor team on board and hope to see hotels from the rest of the chain embarking on the digital guest experience soon. 

Accor interior
Mercure Budapest
Hotel Mercure Warszawa Grand

GuestJoy and STAAH team up to connect visitors with hotels in a seamless way to increase guest satisfaction and enhance our global reach.

Leading cloud-based hospitality distribution specialist, STAAH, has partnered with GuestJoy, a leading guest communication solution for hotels, allowing properties to enhance the experience of guests and thereby improving hotel revenue.

Accommodation providers on the network of the two companies can not only expand their reach to both local and global travelers with STAAH Channel Manager, but now can also automate and increase guest engagement using the GuestJoy solution.

Connecting through one simple and efficient interface, and with access to real-time hotel booking information via STAAH Channel Manager, hotels will be able to upsell through daily intelligence and send review collection emails through the GuestJoy communication solution.

The partnership between STAAH Ltd and GuestJoy is fantastic news for the properties as it will assist them in significantly increasing guest engagement. The partnership will also help properties to improve their revenue stream and brand reputation.

We are thrilled to partner with GuestJoy, an established and forward-looking solution provider in the hotel tech space. We look forward to offering our clients this powerful connection which is sure to assist an increase in overall revenue and enhancement of guest experience, “says Tarun Joukani, Director – STAAH Ltd.

The integration is valid globally and properties of all sizes, from around the world, can make use of the platform.

We wanted to partner with STAAH to gain direct access to the growing number of properties that use its platform to power their distribution and allow them to better engage with their guests. This partnership will help accommodation providers gain a deeper understanding of their guests thereby engaging better and right,” says Alar Ülem, CEO & Co-Founder of GuestJoy.


Founded by Gavin Jeddo, a pioneer in the field of distribution technology, we’ve grown from a Kiwi basement start-up to a global hospitality technology specialist serving more than 10,000 properties in over 90 countries. We are headquartered in Auckland and have operations in New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, UAE, and the United Kingdom to service our expanding network.

The STAAH channel manager, our first and central technology solution, has an update speed as low as 45 seconds and brings down overbooking issues to a mere 0.13%! Our solutions integrate with more than 350 different services, including the world’s leading online travel agencies (OTAs), global distribution solutions (GDS), property management systems and payment gateways.

Their Services

STAAH provides industry-leading technology solutions for hospitality distribution, direct bookings and digital marketing services.

Our products include Instant and MAX Channel Managers, a real-time online distribution platform; ConvertDirect and Max Booking Engines that helps property owners grow direct online bookings; InstantSite Websites, an easy-to-use website builder for hospitality businesses; ReviewMinder to help manage online reputation. Our technology is used by all segments of the hospitality industry, from the big hotel and motel chains to boutique properties, independent hotels, holiday parks and guest houses.