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Everything you need to know about our new feature: Segmentation


Sometimes showing your offers to all guests just won’t cut it. Think about this: why would a solo traveler want to see an offer meant to target couples? Why show your Breakfast Buffet offer to guests who took a room that included breakfast? Or an elderly couple an offer that’s for families with children? You’re wasting your energy, and they are seeing irrelevant stuff, so they might just get bored and skip looking at the rest of your offers which could actually be valuable to them! If you show them services that are targeted they will definitely feel more special and welcome at your premises. And lastly, how do you ensure that your room upgrades are only visible to guests staying in certain room types?

GuestJoy has the solution for you: Segmentation.

So what is exactly segmentation?

We receive all kinds of data from your PMS or CM. Using that data we can target different traveller/customer types.

This way, you can satisfy your customers better, they will feel appreciated, and you might actually sell more.

Think about it; you can target tourists only – especially great in touristy locations (locals in Budapest, for example, would never order something like a folklore show on the Danube). Now you can determine what kind of traveler sees your offers when they visit your Concierge.

What options are available??

  1. Solo travelers, couples, families
  2. Channel they booked via – OTA guests can get different offers than your direct bookers
  3. Language – great for targeting tourists or locals
  4. Room type – Let’s offer upgrades for each room differently (for e.g. an economy room guest might upgrade to a deluxe room, but probably will not purchase the royal suite)
  5. Rate code – offer breakfast for those who do not have it yet in their room
  6. The company they come from – Let’s offer discounts to your corporate customers

… And many more! But please note, the options available will depend on each hotel’s PMS and the data GuestJoy receives from it. So how does it work? Head over to our helpdesk page and read our article on it!

What you need to be careful with:

Only these guests will see your offer

Adding multiple segmentation options to an offer can target just the right group. However, the more segmentation options you add, the smaller the number of guests will be who can see your offer. Let’s look at an example:  There are 74 guests who speak German and 353 who are staying in your standard rooms. But once you check both, it turns out only 8 of those German people are staying in a standard room. Therefore, your offer will only be visible to those 8.    

So be mindful when applying more than one segmentation option to your offers. There might be cases where none of these German folks are staying in your standard rooms!

Some ideas to get you started

  • Target families with family offers (snack package, nanny service, larger room upgrade)
  • Couples with romantic offers (dinner, room upgrade, room service, spa)
  • Elderly with more luxury offers (dinner, room service, room upgrade and activities)

Read more about powerful upselling techniques here and here! Want to learn more about GuestJoy? Schedule a demo with us!

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