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GuestJoy and Availpro Partnership Set to Improve and Customize Guest Journey

GuestJoy partners with Availpro Smart Channel Manager to allow hotels to better connect with their guests and increase guest satisfaction.

GuestJoy – Guest Communication Tool, the leading provider of smart upselling email and review collection software, today announced the strategic partnership between GuestJoy, Guest Communication Tool, and Availpro Smart Channel Manager.

The goal is to enable hotels to automate and increase guest engagement through one simple and efficient interface. Daily intelligence upsell and review collection emails will be sent to the guests by using GuestJoy solution. Availpro Smart Channel Manager will support this process by providing real-time hotel booking information.

This partnership will ensure guest journey process is customized.

By offering smart recommendations to guests at the right moment and collecting feedback from TripAdvisor will increase guest satisfaction level and empower hotels with direct communication with their guests. Instead of manually sending welcome messages and survey, hotel general managers can now focus on strategic planning for the revenue growth.

Marmara Hotel, in Budapest, Hungary, a joint client of GuestJoy and Availpro, has already seen very good results. This partnership is helping the hotel to significantly increase guest engagement, starting before guest arrivals, during-stay and after-stay. It also has proven to improve the revenue stream and brand reputation.

This step has further strengthened collaboration between GuestJoy and Availpro. It has brought us excellent project opportunities such as in the Nordic and Central European Countries.

Kaarel Saal, Chief Technology Officer at GuestJoy, commented:
“This partnership will benefit hotels – allowing them to better engage with their guests, adding personalized upsell recommendations and collect online reviews, in favor of hotel online communication strategy,  which is aimed at driving better revenue and improving guest satisfaction.”

Léa Vernet, Global Partnership Manager at Availpro, said:
“We are thrilled about such fructuous partnership with GuestJoy allowing many hoteliers benefit synergies. Availpro is growing fast in Europe and we’re always looking for strong partners that share the same values. Equipping hotels with the best technology and giving them the tools to respond to new travelers habits is our main objective at Availpro. Millennials require attention and personalization and this can be easily provided with such innovative channels as Availpro and GuestJoy both offer.”

About  GuestJoy

GuestJoy is a guest communication tool. The company’s advanced technology enables hotels to increase their revenue via upselling and collecting more online reviews quicker. The software is beautifully designed and suitable for both independent and large hotel chains worldwide. The company is currently serving hotel brands in fifteen countries.

About Availpro

Availpro, a leading technology provider to the global hospitality industry, aims at contributing to the hoteliers’ growth by increasing their online distribution, whether through direct room selling on their own website or other digital channels.

More than 6500 properties in 89 countries benefit from a range of innovative products helping them increase their occupancy and revenue. In parallel, Availpro has created strategic synergies with more than 450 partners worldwide. With a local presence in 23 countries in Europe, Availpro differentiates itself with onsite local teams and dedicated customer service. The global expansion is supported by a multilingual dashboard and a booking engine available in more than 30 languages.


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