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GuestJoy introduces Prospect PMS

Tallinn, Estonia: GuestJoy is proud to present Prospect PMS: a fresh, fully-featured yet simple-to-use property management system that complements GuestJoy’s already feature-rich platform.

Alar from GuestJoy
Alar from GuestJoy

We talked with Alar Ülem, co-founder of GuestJoy, to take us through the product and the goals behind it.

The need for a “PMS” solution

“Running hotels can often be hard work”, started Ülem. “We regularly hear from our customers that they are really happy to have created a complete experience for their guests; which, let’s face it, is the entire point of running a hotel.

“But many of them had always felt that GuestJoy’s product offering could go a bit further. So, we started looking into it.

“What we found was there was a small gap in the market; in this niche were hoteliers who had already created their ideal modern guest journey using GuestJoy – responsive reservation confirmation emails; powerful, personalised upselling and cross-selling to allow guests to customise their experience; pre-arrival information emails to convey critical information to guests at the right time; the ability to allow guests to check-in using their mobile device prior to arrival, and the ability to optionally check in at a kiosk upon arrival; empowering guests to open their door using GuestJoy; providing guests with a digital compendium solution; the ability to reach out to the guest to get feedback during their stay; being able to charge the guest for any incidental expenses incurred during their stay; requesting guests to rate their stay after departure; collecting direct feedback from guests with a fully customised internal survey; encouraging more positive reviews on external platforms like Tripadvisor or Google; and, at any time, being able to communicate with an arbitrary group of guests past, present, or future – but despite such a complete and thorough product offering, it felt like there was something missing.

“This lead us to realise that there was definitely room in the market for a new type of product; one which takes care of all the secondary requirements of running a hotel, including room management, controlling rates, managing housekeeping, distribution, coordinating food and beverage, handling direct reservations, staff rostering, and still more.

“So, we did a few days of brainstorming, and a couple of weeks’ development work, and presto! Prospect PMS was born.”

How Prospect PMS will benefit hoteliers

“We’re really excited to offer Prospect as an add-on to our primary product, GuestJoy” continued Alar. “We really feel that hoteliers could benefit by automating a lot of these secondary tasks, especially with many hotels operating with a reduced workforce.

“Picture it like this. I’m a professional hotelier, and as such, I understand that the entire reason I am here is to provide smooth, memorable experiences for my guests – that’s just a given. So, I focus my attention to achieving this primary goal, and it’s done! The reason I have a hotel in the first place has been addressed.

“But what about all these non-guest related things that happen which the guest doesn’t see? For too long now, I have been addressing them manually, which is really time-consuming and inefficient. And then – I see that I can add a “Property management system” as an add-on to my GuestJoy platform! It’s like having an extra “digital” staff member to take care of all these things for me!

“And of course, Prospect is fully integrated with GuestJoy” Ülem concluded.

The Guest Experience Platform has, of course, always been the core system in a hotel. But being able to have a “Property Management System” in place to complement this just makes things so complete!

Alar Ülem

Might other “PMS solutions” come to market? Will they work with GuestJoy?

“That’s a really good question, thank you for asking it”, responded Alar.

“With the advent of a handy add-on to GuestJoy like a PMS, we do envision other PMS offerings will spring up on the market. And we’re totally fine with that! For any hoteliers out there who end up considering alternate PMS products, I’d like to alleviate your concerns and state that GuestJoy will continue to have an open policy to other integrations.

“We’re more than happy to set up integrations that allow other PMS products to connect to GuestJoy.

“For a nominal fee, of course.”

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