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Holidays Upselling!

After the summer rush and the autumn dip it could be hard to think of ideas for upselling for the next high season; the winter holidays. A lot of people decide to spend Christmas, New Year and more in hotels, traveling with or without their family, and they are always looking for that little extra that will make their stay memorable.

We have created a couple of templates offers for you which you can enable with one click, then customize to your hotels if needed. As always we recommend you to upsell a taxi offer (especially for the holidays, people tend to splurge and reward themselves and their families with these little perks). Or try adding a bit more ‘extra’ to your regular upgrade, such as throwing in a bottle of wine, offering free breakfast delivery or some gingerbread and mulled wine to spice up the holidays.

Let us show you some examples to get inspired, and if you like them you can activate them with a click in your GJ platform.

A winter upsell idea

‘Tis the Season will bring warmth to your guests’ hearts and rooms. You can always turn it into something more family-oriented or couples oriented by changing the image and the text.

Who wouldn’t want to taste your traditional Christmas meal?

The traditional Christmas Menu will definitely be a hit; everyone loves eating. Tasting new, interesting and decadent dishes is a holiday favorite. Pair the dishes with a bottle of wine to create the ‘adults only’ version.

Let your guests sleep in and have a rest after the NYE party

Everyone deserves a little pampering the morning after. Imagine how nice would it be to sleep in, sip your coffee calmly in bed and have a cold facemask to restore your energies after the New Year’s Eve party.

There are many more of Christmas and New Year’s eve themed offers in GuestJoy, waiting for you to customize them and activate them, but naturally, you can also create your own.

So how to create offers that will sell during the holidays?

The two key elements are identifying what sells and what helps to sell.

What sells? Look into your record, what did you sell last year, what did the guests demand, and what do you have on offer. Then think about what kind of guests are you having, what language do they want to be addressed in and how to market your offer in a way that it will be appealing to them.

If you attended our webinar, you already know how to do this, but if you have not, here is an example:

Guest personas are a key when upselling in a hotel

This offer is just a bottle of wine we are trying to sell to the guest as a room service option. The terminator offer is just plain, in-your-face, let’s sell stuff. Then we have the classy and the quirky offers. The second one using James Bond is a classy offer for those guests who like pricier, more luxurious products and the last one is a quirky offer for those who just want to have FUN!

Make the offer appealing

And then when you add the picture make sure it matches your text and ‘personality’. Again, the first one is very plain, a bottle of brand wine. The second is very elegant and the third one is FUN!

We hope you enjoyed these simple holiday seasons upsell tips, and that you’re able to incorporate them to your upsell offers for your guests! And as always, if you’d like any advice or further tips, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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