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How to Improve Hotel Reputation and Direct Revenue Stream

No.1 position on TripAdvisor
The success story of Quisisana Palace Hotel, the Czech Republic.

Quisisana Palace, a first-class hotel with 19 luxury rooms and suites is located in the charming town of Karlovy Vary and is a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World©.

Challenges: The team at Quisisana Palace had some challenges when trying to create an online reputation for the hotel that could bring in more customers. For some years now, they have been aiming for a higher position on TripAdvisor but they have had several strong competitors in close proximity to them. To enhance brand visibility on the internet, the hotel would need a higher number of reviews. However, this has not been easy — it has been a long process for them, especially because they have been operating manually and it has proven to be very inefficient. All non-strategic reputation management had led to more complex scenarios for the hotel manager.

The manual handling of guest relation was not successful as the hotel manager was not able to personally meet with each guest; this was particularly concerning when the dissatisfaction service occurred. In order to counteract this, the hotel manager implemented a new system where he could personalize the guest experience and capture guest feedback within a matter of seconds.

Solutions: Quisisana Palace selected the all-inclusive GuestJoy Hotel Communication Solution to improve guest satisfaction. The selected solution includes:

The hotel required all processes to be well organized and as automated as possible with an interagency communication software. The hotel manager needed the new technology to help optimize messages and promote special offers to guests. The implementation of the GuestJoy Solution was effortless and the integration with Fidelio PMS was seamless.

Benefits: The hotel has experienced a wide range of benefits, thanks to the implementation of GuestJoy’s hotel communication software.

f Quisisana Palace Hotel, the Czech Republic.

These includes: The automated pre- and post-stay emails with additional service offer (upsell) and review collection (TripAdvisor). The implementation has given the hotel more time to enhance guests’ experience.

  • An increase in direct revenue stream due to room upgrades and additional services;
  • Express check-in and customized welcome messages;
  • Special request and one-click order feature through the mobile concierge;
  • Strong integration with TripAdvisor to collect more reviews;
  • Improve guest engagement on social media;
  • Personalize guests’ journeys with an intelligent data-matching engine; and
  • More control over the quality of service.

There has been a great improvement in the reputation of the hotel. After the first month of implementing these solutions, Quisisana Palace ranked at No.1 on TripAdvisor with 85% of the reviews marked at full score. The hotel manager has experienced time reductions and higher sales of the hotel’s additional services, especially to loyal customers.


‘’GuestJoy has helped us to connect with our guests prior and after their stay in a way that is both elegant and efficient. The set-up was easy and fun, and the dashboards showing all relevant data are well-arranged and clear. We have seen incremental revenue from upselling additional services and we are getting necessary TripAdvisor feedbacks automatically,’’

Václav Vítek, executive officer at Quissisana Palace, said.

The GuestJoy teams working closely with Quisisana Palace led to a straightforward implementation of the solutions as the IT team made the integration with Fidelio (PMS) possible. Thanks to the support team, the whole content has successively been translated into 4 different languages.

Knowing that our solution has helped the hotel reach No.1 on TripAdvisor and increase their revenue stream in less than 30 days is extremely rewarding and we look forward to continuing our successful cooperation