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Improve Hotel Ranking on TripAdvisor Within 30 Days

Improve hotel ranking on TripAdvisor is essential for every hotelier as it helps to protect your brand. It also gives you the opportunity to make your hotel stand out from competitors. If your hotel ranking is listed between number 1 to 5 on TripAdvisor, it is definitely great, because your hotel will be seen on the front page by the customers, which will help you get a new booking faster. But in reality, your hotel is small and it doesn’t have many reviews, so it is very hard for your hotel to be in the top 5.

How important is the review?

A good review helps to improve hotel ranking. GuestJoy conducted a survey and asked hoteliers from the Scandinavia and the Baltic region how important TripAdvisor’s review is to them. The result shows that over 87% of hoteliers find it important because TripAdvisor has over 143 million visitors per month. Travelers read and write reviews about the hotels they use, and the good reviews can improve hotel ranking very fast.

Good average review score will improve hotel ranking faster

The average review score counts for 85% of the popularity index ranking which means that the more positive review you have, the higher your hotel ranking will be. TripAdvisor uses this factor to determine which hotel will feature on the front page. The hoteliers have been using two main approaches: the organic and proactive approaches to get more positive reviews.


Guests will leave a positive review if the experience is above expectations. By empowering your staff to give a better service, this will increase the level of guest satisfaction. It is necessary to train your staff often. Once the quality of service has improved, you will start to see an improvement in your hotel average score.


Ask for feedback from your guests at their departure. Providing a survey or questionnaire is a common method of feedback used by hotels. But unfortunately, it is not effective, due to the fact that it is almost impossible to publish the review online.

Add the TripAdvisor’s logo on your hotel’s website
Reminding the guests to write a review. It requires minimal effort from the hotel, but it requires a lot from the guests because they need to log in and fill a long form. The process can take up to 10 minutes. As you can imagine, there won’t be a lot of people willing to go through the entire process.

Send the post-stay email directly to the guest
This is the most effective way to help you improve hotel ranking. Guests will receive an email reminder and direct link to Tripadvisor.com. This speeds up the review process. By using email, it makes it easier for your guest to submit their feedback. As part of review management, you can track the open rate, and measure the feedback. The email can be sent automatically so it will save a lot of your time.

How does post-stay email work and how does it help you improve hotel ranking?

The post-stay acts as a reminder email. The guests can rate the service very easily. It is designed to direct the guests to leave a review on TripAdvisor within two minutes. For example, hotels which are partners of GuestJoy use review management; they will receive a new review every day and if negative feedback occurs, the hotel will get alerted immediately. This way, they can reply to the guest before the review appears online.

Top secrets for a successful hotel

Successful hotels contribute to awareness, loyalty, and offers good value to its customers. Plan your activities according to your goals and focus on these four key metrics.

Fresh Review: There is nothing TripAdvisor loves more than a new review. If your hotel receives new reviews daily, it will help to boost your ranking fast.

Better score: Respond to guests’ comments. This will show TripAdvisor that you are an active user. Most hotels that respond to comments have a higher chance of getting more bookings than the hotels that don’t.

Higher ranking: The number on the review matters. The hotels that have great positive reviews will always rank higher than the others.

More bookings: Hotels that use review management can add more positive reviews to TripAdvisor faster. This leads to a 70% increase in the chance of getting a booking.

Tips to improve hotel ranking within 30 days

TripAdvisor says that the popularity index algorithm is based on three key ingredients: the quality, quantity, and recency of reviews. According to TripAdvisor, it requires time and consistency in order to dominate your competitors. You can send post-stay email or SMS to engage the customer into activity.

TripAdvisor gives a lot of weight to fresh reviews and it won’t publish the reviews from an outdated experience. If you could send the post-stay email to guests within 48 hours of their departure, you will have an 80% chance of having more reviews.

A good referral will boost your ranking and it is a key ingredient in TripAdvisor’s calculation of the average review score.

If you have a higher percentage of positive reviews than your competition, then you will have higher popularity ranking.

Getting new reviews daily is a must. It will trigger your hotel position to a higher ranking very quickly.

It is important to get as many guest feedbacks as possible, and it is much more important to listen to your guests. The key to building a successful business and a higher popularity ranking is to pay attention to your customers’ needs. Encourage customers to write reviews. As a result, your hotel will get more bookings.

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