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Mobile Concierge: How it Can Change Guest Experience

We conducted a survey where 86% of tourists travel individually. Straight a question comes out how these individual tourists make their travel arrangements. Travel agents used to be very good at this but less and less people use that channel. It should be simple, the internet is full of different online channels which help to get information about the destination, things to do, activities and etc. But different studies show that 64% don´t really do the research at least not before arriving to the destination. Basically, tourists are very spontaneous and prefer to get everything in a very short period of time. In the hotel, there is concierge who makes things happen for a tourist. Entrepreneur Magazine noted hotel concierge services as the hottest business idea of 1999.  But times have changed less and less tourists use the help of concierge. In most cases, it doesn´t even exist anymore. There are very few hotels who still have this very dignified profession. With the rapid technology, raise guest can get all the concierge services through the smartphone.

Mobile concierge plays an increasingly strategic role in the overall guest experience.

  • Do you know how many rental cars were booked for your guests?
  • Do you know how many and what types of dining choices guests have, how many reservations are made on hotel and where they like to go when they do go off property?
  • How many theatre or other event tickets have been reserved and are there any leisure time patterns/trends emerging?
  • How many new or extra services have been uncovered to meet guest needs?
  • Are there some common tour/activity interests around which packages or other business boosters could be developed?
  • What percentage of time is allocated to business services, amenities or room service?
  • How many times have guests asked for help in checking out, or staying longer, or arranging their next visit?

Repeat business, referral business, extended stays, additional income – PROFITABILITY!!!

68% of travelers prefer to use their smartphone to see concierge tips about the places they visit.

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