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Increase Guest Engagement with Mobile Concierge Platform

Mobile Concierge Platform is a great tool that will help you communicate with your guests. It provides guests an access to information on the hotel and helps them plan their journey according to their needs prior to their arrival. 

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We received many positive and impressive feedback from clients who have started offering the Mobile Concierge to their guests. Most of the feedback showed that the guests felt a lot more comfortable because the taxi transfer, spa treatment, and restaurant reservation were already reserved. The clients’ feedback has also shown that Mobile Concierge can deliver the expected return on investment (ROI).

In 2016, through GuestJoy, there were 12,633 requests from guests prior to arrival and we have generated over 352,981€ revenue to hotels. We have sent over 500,000 emails to guests across the globe. This year, we have added quite a number of new features to the platform to enhance guest experiences. Mobile Concierge Platform can take away the stress and frustration from guests, putting them in a relaxed state once they have made the booking. We believe that this tool is a very important one which every hotel should take advantage of because it has proven to have a positive impact on guests’ satisfaction and reputation of hotels.

From the hotel’s perspective, Mobile Concierge can reduce the level of work to be done at the front-desk while increasing the revenue of the hotel with minimal effort. Engaging guests not only drives revenue but it also brings the hotel closer to its guests.  From our research, we stumbled upon a number of good practices that hotels can use to engage their guests better, and we will reveal some of these secrets to you.

Send customized emails prior to arrival of guests
Customized emails can bring the highest ROI because they are delivered directly into the inbox of the guest. There is an even greater conversion of up to 80% if the email is sent by the hotel’s general manager and addresses the guests in their names. By reaching out to your guests via email 3-10 days prior to their arrival, you will increase the brand’s visibility and create a lasting impression.

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Provide Mobile Concierge Platform
Mobile Concierge allows guests to upgrade their rooms, plan their journeys, and book additional services in advance. Anything from checking the map, finding out the most interesting places to visit, or an early check-in is available on this platform. Guests can also submit a special request or order additional services in advance from their mobile phone all in less than a minute. We have seen guests make use of the Mobile Concierge Platform during their stay to get information on events or activities that are close to the hotel. This individually personalized mobile-friendly platform can help the hotel to achieve its goals of:

  • Improving experience of guests
  • Increasing engagement
  • Driving revenue
  • Growing brand visibility
  • Promoting hotel reputation

There is a link between guests’ feelings of well-being and customer engagement. The study shows a strong link between customers’ engagement levels with a hotel and the amount of money they spend per visit. According to Gallup’s 2014 Hospitality Industry study, taking care of guests’ well-being can lead to a healthier balance sheet. The same research shows that guests spend an average of $457 per stay at the hotel they visited most frequently in the past 12 months, but fully engaged guests spent $588 per stay—which is 25% more. You can follow these best practices by offering pre-arrival emails and the Mobile Concierge Platform to your guests. This is definitely going to help you achieve a great ROI, guest engagement rate, and hotel revenue stream. 

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