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Meet our new Dashboard

As you may have noticed, our Dashboard just got a makeover! We designed so that it would give you more critical information at a glance.  The new Dashboard is cleaner, easier to interpret, and will help you assess your property’s performance.

In the new arrangement, we coupled together certain stats for you so you can immediately see how communicating with your guests turns into revenue. The first block is activity on the guest’s side, and how much income it generated:

The second part is more detailed, cumulative data which you can explore over time.

And then lastly, we pulled all your rating data from external sources:

A couple of noteworthy things: 

Potential No-Shows Prevented: 

The idea behind this stat is that the guest received the first GuestJoy email (pre-stay) and after they received it, they cancelled their reservation. It means that, potentially, GuestJoy helped prevent a no-show and you could possibly still sell that room.

Of course, in some cases, they might have cancelled anyway, but in others, it’s possible that they had forgotten to cancel, and receiving a pre-stay email reminded them that they had not yet cancelled their booking.

Guest Satisfaction: 

Over the past 30 days how happy have guests been with their stay? You can see this in detail now by looking at the Guest Satisfaction pie chart, Latest Reviews and Unhappy Guest List sections.

We have added the Unhappy Guest List, not to bring negativity into your life, but to make it easier to keep an eye on upset guests and to follow with them to potentially resolve the issues they encountered.

Take a look at our new dashboard

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