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New people at GuestJoy – vol. 2

In the last 4 months, five new people have joined GuestJoy for the journey to help create a closer connection between our partners (hotels) and their guests.

A few weeks ago we introduced three of them to you, and now it’s time to get familiar with the remaining two, Andrew and Martin.

Andrew; a native of Melbourne, Australia, he has travelled the world to see where he can find a proper flat white. This endless search has seen him base himself in Tallinn, where he subsequently started working with GuestJoy as the Customer Experience Manager.

After working for the past 10 years in one of Australia’s most respected and well-known software companies in a similar role, Andrew puts his skills to work wherever the customer is involved: from onboarding and training to continually improving the system so that it’s easy to use and good to look at. A tenacious communicator, he is the face and voice of support activities and acts as a conduit between the customer, and GuestJoy’s technical team.

A broad background that includes training, IT, teaching, sales, and design has ensured Andrew has great empathy for the user, and the desire to see them succeed.

Said Andrew: “I love working with startups. Being able to make such a tangible impact on the growth of a business and the development of a product is hugely satisfying. Having the ability to change and improve things quickly sure beats the sometimes-glacial pace of change in large organisations. Also, I don’t really like being quoted for bios, but the marketing bloke said I had to, so you win some, you lose some I guess.”

Outside of work, Andrew can be found terrorising the karaoke bars of Tallinn; a recurring symptom from having lived in Japan for a couple of years.

Martin is responsible for the UK market as a Market Manager of Ireland & UK. The whole world is based around sales and for me, it is nothing less than an art form. The definition of sales is the number of goods, products, or services that a company sells within a certain time period. I understand that real sales can be generated through providing a service that generates value and gives something back to society.  My passion is music and personal development, both physical and spiritual.

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