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New people at GuestJoy – vol.1

A goal for the startup company, or actually for any company, is to always grow.

A company can grow in terms of revenue and customers, but it’s also very important to grow in terms of people on board when you’re trying to expand your business.
Many HR experts say that the human element is the most important business resource because every part of the business comes down to people.

In the last 4 months, five new people have joined GuestJoy for the journey to help create a closer connection between our partners (hotels) and their guests.

This week we’ll introduce three of them to you.

Now it’s time to get acquainted with them – who they’re and why they decided to join with the GuestJoy.

Say hi to Rene, GuestJoy’s Digital Marketing Manager: “Hi, it feels great to be onboard with GuestJoy! For the past six years, I’ve worked in three advertising & media agencies, co-founded one startup that didn’t lift off, been responsible for the digital marketing of Visit Estonia’s brand, an agency run by Enterprise Estonia, the government-owned organisation and consulted and worked together with hundreds of different companies from various backgrounds and industries. During this period, I’ve also contributed to marketing campaigns that have won over six major marketing awards, including third place in the Best National Tourism Board Campaign/DMO Campaign category of 2017 in the world.

For the last nearly four years I’ve also mentored young entrepreneurs and early-stage startups, previously as a marketing mentor at Garage48 Foundation and currently as a marketing mentor at European Innovation Academy, the biggest and most extreme entrepreneurship accelerator program in the world for university students.

I’m driven by innovation and data. Innovation is crucial to have the upper hand against your competitors, but innovation cannot happen when you’re afraid of failing, because then you’ll be stuck in your comfort zone, doing things that have been already done by everybody and it will not stand out from the crowd. Innovation will happen, when you’re ready to experiment, fail, learn and repeat. I also like to look behind numbers and trends, because data doesn’t lie. Assumption is the mother of all f*** ups. It’s a sin to make decisions based on the assumptions in the age of data because data is the new oil. I’m also driven by the motto “Adapt or Die”.

I joined GuestJoy because I truly believe that the product we’re building helps a hotel to build a more meaningful relationship with their customers and offer a better customer experience (CX). I’ve travelled quite a bit around the world and had some very good, but also very bad customer experiences, so I can see the value in service that GuestJoy offers.”

Next up, Nikita. Nikita is our new Market Manager of the Czech Republic. He describes himself with the following words: “I was born in Russia. After moving to Sofia, Bulgaria at the age of 3 and finishing high school there, I decided to move to Prague, the Czech Republic, to continue with my studies abroad. I’ve worked in the spheres of IT, automotive, tourism, and finance. A former national ice hockey player, I’m also fond of the newest technologies, fin-tech, and innovations that help the business development and growth.

I’ve found that GuestJoy really does fill the void that exists in the modern world of hospitality, as usually travellers communication with a hotel starts and ends at the reception desk. I would like to broaden the experience of every guest and make them feel that every stay can become more modern and personal.

With GuestJoy you can easily order a transfer or a drink or from your bed, even from your bed at home while planning your stay at a certain hotel. The before check-in possibility is so great, that you don’t have to bother filling out the form, standing at the reception desk. You just have everything you need at the end of your fingertips.

My goal in the upcoming year is to have every hotel in the Czech Republic partner up with Guest Joy, and if not, that they have at least heard of us”.


takes care of our sales as a Sales Specialist.

“I have lived and studied in 5 countries before therefore I thrive in a multicultural work environment. While my previous work experiences include academia, teaching and consultancy I have an MSc in Public Administration. I am very passionate about ceramics, baking, learning languages and Estonia. In my free time, I volunteer at a cat shelter. I love that GuestJoy allows me to put my creativity into use. Given that it’s a startup I get to do a lot more than just sales. My colleagues are aware of my potential and I feel very appreciated here

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