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Our Concierge got a makeover!

We released our old concierge three years ago and it has stood against time quite well, but finally, it was time to make it even better. Over the years we have gathered so much data on what works and doesn’t work so we wanted to incorporate this into the new design.

To achieve this, we spoke with customers, revisited all the feedback we received over the years.

With the new makeover, we had the following goals in mind

  • Modern design
  • Faster loading times
  • Fewer clicks for guests

The structure of the Concierge essentially remains mainly the same, but with modernized visuals and a focus on clarity and space and the customer for better conversion! The new platform has a responsive design, whether you are using it from a mobile or computer, it will work perfectly and beautifully.

The first thing you’ll notice is that guests are now able to check-in, upgrade their room or open it with a click via the buttons on top of the page. Check-in and distributing room codes online have become somewhat of a necessity these days as they are contact-free.

new buttons on the concierge page

When your guest is viewing the Concierge on their computer, simply hovering their mouse over an offer will show them some of the offer descriptions, helping to raise their interest. This makes the platform more dynamic and helps in converting hesitant buyers.

Our new concierge design

Once they click the image, it opens up a full page, with a fresher, more user-friendly look (and we did not forget about GDPR 😉 ) There is also more content (information) on the screen which means less scrolling is needed. Guests can find anything they need a lot easier!

All the information in one place.

We are making your brand more visible, hotel colors are now emphasized. The clickable directions and info icons hold all the knowledge your visitors need to reach your location.

Don’t forget to list all the great amenities your property has to offer.

All in all the concierge is a perfect place to sell your extras, inform your guests about various things regarding your property, and help all guests check-in online to skip queues and the ‘human touch.

A light and airy UI for better conversion

What our customers say:

I really liked the new design, as it’s sleek, modern and very functional (both on mobile and desktop). I then looked at the guest view of the current concierge, as it had been a while since I had looked at it and I must say the improvements really work! 

The flip tiles really work, as they give a quick teaser/explanation on the upsells. We see it so often in the guest activity, that guests are clicking literally into each offer, which can be annoying if you are just browsing, so the new version definitely makes that easier! The guest can now really find everything in one place without having to go back to google. 

Christine Ulmschneider, Menlo Park Hotel

I really like the fresh look and feel of the page. The new design is more clear and more appealing. The offers showing more information with the flipping function is excellent, giving the guest more information without the need to navigate away from the Concierge page. The descriptions shown for the Directions will surely encourage the guest to tap for more information if needed. Overall the changes have given the Concierge page a very clean, crisp and professional look.

Matti Miettinen, Hotel Arthur

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