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Revinate Vs GuestJoy

If you are a professional hotelier, it’s very likely that you have heard of Revinate and GuestJoy as these two companies aim to help hotels increase their revenue and brand reputation. They both have similar processes; however, their value propositions are quite unique. This article will aim to compare the key features of these two companies from their layout, design, and the simplicity of both user interfaces on the pre- and post-communication stages.

Revinate’s Pre-arrival email

GuestJoy’s Pre-arrival email


An increasing number of hotel managers are using the communication management software to improve their engagement with guests. From the point a guest makes a booking, the hotel managers can attempt to up-sell different types of room or cross-sell additional services. Every single email that is sent out is an opportunity to make direct revenue. The use of the right software can be very helpful in managing guest communication; it saves time and it can be a tool that helps you to increase your direct revenue or to promote a low selling product/service.


As you can see, their email contains a lot of text; therefore, customers will need to do a lot of scrolling before they can find a room upgrade offer. However, if a customer clicks on the option to upgrade a room, it will navigate them to the hotel’s website where they will need to select the room type; this process definitely takes a lot of time. As a result of this, the customer will abandon the page and therefore the hotel will not be able to up-sell their additional services.


The email layout here is much more modern, easy to click, and contains less text. The customers can already see the additional offers at the beginning of the email, and once they click on the option to upgrade their stay, it will navigate them to the mobile concierge page which has multiple offers. From there, they can make the extra booking in less than 20 seconds. The system is so easy and it helps to draw more attention to the customers to buy the extra services.

GuestJoy’s Mobile Concierge

GuestJoy’s Offer


To enhance their hotel’s reputation, professional hoteliers use review solutions to collect guests feedback. Also, travel review communities like TripAdvisor definitely influences the buying decision of guests; therefore, a lot of hotels use Revinate and GuestJoy to help increase their volume of reviews and hence their ranking on TripAdvisor. However, we will compare the emails from both companies.


As you can see in the email from Revinate, it contains a lot of text. Therefore, for customers to leave feedback, they have to click on a link which navigates them to a survey page with more than 35 questions to answer. Sadly, because of the length of this email, very few customers will complete the survey.  

Revinate’s Post-departure email

GuestJoy’s Post-departure email


GuestJoy provides a very comprehensive post-stay survey. The email is shorter and it is designed to collect top reviews and directly send to TripAdvisor. From the very beginning of the email, the guest is able to understand the levels of rating such that they only need to click one of the numbers to rate their stay; after that, the system will navigate the customer to a TripAdvisor survey with only 5 questions. The customer can finish this survey within 10 seconds. This way, the hotel will get more reviews, thus leading to a boost in hotel reputation. Regarding the feedback, GuestJoy’s solution sends the reviews directly to TripAdvisor while Revinate’s solution only navigates the guest to the hotel’s website.

From the above analysis, GuestJoy’s pre- and post-guest communication software seems to be easier to use as it provides a clearer email structure and connects the guests to a smart mobile concierge platform while Revinate’s solution only navigates the guest to the hotel’s website.

Revinate’s Survey form

GuestJoy’s Survey form

Protips: Before considering a partnership with a hotel communication software provider

To begin, you will need to send the request to the providers, requesting for an online product demonstration before going through their current features and their product roadmap for the future. Also, try to find out if they will continue to develop the more innovative features and also if they are working with your competitor. I have put together some criteria for you to consider before buying any communication software.


Don’t buy a software that makes your hotel emails look like yellow pages. A good combination of graphics and text is definitely going to improve the user experience. Consider using a system that allows you to add high-quality graphics to promote your products and provide pre-translation content for the email so that you can easily set up your profile and launch your email within the next 7 days.

Layout and Design

The system must provide a pre-made email template that makes it easy for the guest to finish reading the welcome message and upgrade the hotel room within 2 minutes. The call-to-action button (Upgrade my stay) should be inviting to the guest so they can purchase more. Lastly, you have to check the email layout to see if it is well designed and contains useful information that prompts users to take action.


The solution should have the ability to integrate with your hotel Property Management System (PMS) so you can send customized offers to the right guests at the right time.


Limiting it to one language is not adequate. The software should be able to send out the pre-post communication in the guest’s language. To improve engagement, there should be an option for guests to select the preferred language directly from the email.


The solution provider needs to be able to answer all questions within 24 hours; it is also necessary for the company to be a trustworthy one. The best companies have a strong focus on education, not only during the customer onboarding process but consistently in teaching you to use new innovations so that you can succeed in the market.


The price should be calculated based on the size of your hotel and the contract length. For example, a hotel that signs up for 3 years contract should get a higher percentage discount on the monthly fee. The company is usually responsible for the PMS integration fee and also gives free training to hotels


Guest communication software is all about data and guest engagement. This technology helps you to get closer to your guests. GuestJoy and Revinate are very useful for that. However, GuestJoy seems to bring a higher value to the table with their all-in-one place mobile concierge platform and instant reviews to TripAdvisor. GuestJoy is definitely the solution that you need to consider because it brings in more revenue and reviews which are factors your guests consider when making their buying decisions.