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Success Stories: Salvator Hotels & Apartments

Property: Salvator Hotels & Apartments, Prague, Czech Republic • Website

Key contact: Martin Votřel, Sales manager

About the property: Hotel Salvator is situated among Prague’s listed historical buildings and is located directly in the historical city center. It was awarded Hotel of the Year *** in 2014. Thanks to its location, Hotel Salvator is a great starting point to set out and discover Prague. The building has retained its original character, including the rustic La Boca restaurant, which offers an attractive alternative to the modern, high-capacity hotels (owned by international corporations) in the center of Prague.

Martin and his team had been communicating with their guests manually, and even back then in 2017, they understood how important it is to welcome the guests before their arrival, showing what they can purchase to make their stay more pleasant. So they were searching for a system that would ease up the work of the receptionist and make it even more productive.

The only thing that we needed was the reports, that we now receive from GuestJoy.

Martin did not engage in the setup process, which was handled by his colleague, but now he is in charge of all the systems they are using in their hotel. He thinks that the GuestJoy system is easily understandable and clear. Whenever Martin has had any questions, he received assistance immediately.

He thinks that the GuestJoy system is easily understandable and clear. Whenever Martin has had any questions, he received assistance immediately.

For Martin, one of the most useful features of GuestJoy is that he is notified by email of any new reviews, which means he doesn’t need to check the system on a daily basis.

He is in charge of 3 locations, so it would be really hard to go through GuestJoy and every other partner, like OTAs and websites, that they use every day. So for this matter, the weekly reports are really helpful. He only uses the system if he has to update the Concierge offers, but now with the new segmentation improvements, it will save him even more time and streamline the process. “We constantly change the offers that are being shown in the mail and the “Most popular” offers, as well, but at least once a month, I do visit the app and go through it more thoroughly.” – said Martin.

What did GuestJoy achieve for Salvator Hotels & Apartments?

Martin is really glad that GuestJoy eased up the work of the reception, which was the most important thing for them. Martin and his team are glad about the outcome of the pre-stay emails, as guests do order transfers and parking through the mobile concierge a lot. Discounts are being offered through GuestJoy as well, especially during the off-season. This helps them maintain the number of orders placed by guests, to keep their upsell revenue high, not to mention a large number of positive reviews they receive through GuestJoy.

Salvator Hotels & Apartments’ message to other hoteliers

We are happy with GuestJoy and are not planning to change it, as we like the fact that we communicate with all guests automatically via email, irrespective of how the reservation came to us. Then they get redirected to our Concierge page, which is well organized, even if you open it on your mobile phone. In my opinion, GuestJoy is perfect for hotels similar to ours, with around 40-50 rooms. I haven’t had enough experience with managing big hotels and am not familiar with the processes, this is why I cannot say something more, but I think every hotel should at least try it, in order to understand the benefits.

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