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Tallink Hotels Case Study

tallink hotel


Tallink Hotels is a subsidiary of the shipping company Tallink Grupp, which operates four hotels in Estonia and one hotel in Latvia. The headquarters are located in Tallinn, Estonia, and currently, four hotels are working with GuestJoy,

GuestJoy is helping the hotels increase pre-sales guest revenue whilst also enhancing guest satisfaction, thus building further brand loyalty.

„GuestJoy enables us to offer the services and products of our hotels with less effort. The GuestJoy app is easy to use, which in turn enables our hotels’ sales and marketing teams to meet and exceed customer expectations and set up or change offers quickly, without extra marketing costs.” 

Kaidi Krimm,

Business Development Director of Tallink Hotels

The Challenge

Tallink Hotels, has historically engaged with guests once in-house, often meaning low revenue returns, poor staff and resource scheduling for the hoteliers and missed opportunities to build guest engagement.

In this digital age with tech-savvy guests demanding more and more information at their fingetips, Tallink Hotels turned to GuestJoy. Up-selling pre-stay was minimal, communications with guests were out dated and not personalised. GuestJoy provides personalised guest communications, enabling the hoteliers to learn more about their guests and deliver intuitive messages which enhance the level of communications and build longer lasting relationships.

The Approach

Tallink Hotels wanted an automated approach, freeing up valuable staff time and enabling a more personalised approach, delivering more revenue. The hotel manager should be able to optimize messages and promote special offers to guests prior to their arrival.

GuestJoy was implemented effortless, whilst the integration to the Opera PMS was straightforward.

”GuestJoy enables hotels to earn extra revenue through pre-stay offers. When the customers arrive at the hotel, they are already aware of different services and additional information, such as parking and other relevant amenities, for instance. This, in return, enables to proceed quickly with the check-in process, thus increasing customer satisfaction with front desk service,”

Helen Ernits

Tallink City Hotel General Manager

The Solution

Tallink Hotels selected the all-inclusive GuestJoy Solution to improve guest satisfaction and improve pre-stay revenue. The selected solution includes:

  • Customized smart email prior to guest arrival
  • Mobile concierge – 24/7 hotel reception
  • Upsell – intelligent recommendation
  • Improve guest engagement
  • Personalise guests’ journey with an intelligent data-matching engine

GuestJoy, has delivered and continues to drive more revenue and the hotels have added more revenue streams, without having to hire new employees.The system is programmed to monitor the offers and alert management, another huge win for the hotelier. GuestJoy makes it possible to automatically send all offers, in the correct language for each guest.

The Result

The management at Tallink Hotels are delighted with their partnership with GuestJoy.

Tallink Hotels has seen huge increases in pre-stay revenue within a couple of months of go-live. Additional revenue of 44,677 (eur) has been achieved through up-selling, which has accounted 70% of the room price.

Across the group, GuestJoy has delivered on average 48 (eur) extra revenue per room. R.O.I is quick and measurable. Tallink Hotels achieved 11 times return on the investment within the first month, with the best selling services being; wellness & spa, food & beverage, and room upgrade. The guest satisfaction level has been enhanced and the guest journey is now completed.

“We are pleased that Tallink Hotels decided to sign up to GuestJoy’s guest communication tool. Our solution provides them with actionable insight to make operational and service improvements. We are shaping the future where guests have easy access to hotel services.”

Annika Ülem,  Co-founder of GuestJoy

About us: 

GuestJoy is an up-selling and review solution provider. The company’s advanced technology enables hotels to increase their revenue, and to collect online reviews quicker. The GuestJoy solution is well- designed and suitable for both independent and large hotel chains worldwide. GuestJoy is currently serving hotel brands in 15 different countries.