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Tips to Increase Hotel Revenue with Pre Arrival Email

Increase hotel revenue is easy and believe it or not that guests are usually willing to pay more if they feel like they are getting the best value for money. We are therefore collecting feedback from hotel guests who buy additional services, through a pre-arrival email. The results indicate that guests are getting happier with their stays. They give hotel good scores, on average of 4.2 out of 5. It is obvious that the guests like it and hotels need to connect more with the guests. If the hotel has an effective upselling program, it will generate higher revenue and raise the hotel’s reputation.

Time is Up for Old and Boring Pre­-Arrival Emails!

Let’s paint a situation to bring this into focus how important it is to get to the point with such emails. Imagine this weekend, you and your partner are going out of town and booking a hotel for two nights. You are planning to get a nice spa treatment to recharge your battery. The hotel sends you the pre-­arrival email with a warm greeting message. Everything looks fine, except that you can’t find the option to book the spa service. You skip reading the body of the text because it was far too long and you had almost fallen asleep!

GuestJoy works closely with hotels, we have seen so many pre-­arrival emails. Many of them seem to make the same common mistake. The email is far too long and few of the guests are likely to finish reading it. In many cases, they do not open it at all! The obvious solution is to shorten the text, which should not be more than 150 words in total. Freeing up the space saved for special offers as graphics or banners, or other pictures will make it much easier for guests to find useful information. Guests can upgrade their room and buy additional services. After hotels started using the new style of pre-­arrival email, the result showed that 61% of guests clicked on the pictures and more than 25% requested a room upgrade and additional services.

Upsell Tactics

Room upgrades are certainly one good way to increase spend per guest. Try this with a pre­-arrival email offer of Suite normally costing, say, 400€ for 90€ on top of what the guest is already spending on their room. This is a tactic that hoteliers use and it is effective. It is an easy opportunity to increase revenue while building up a great guest experience, so everyone is a winner.

Increase Hotel Revenue with Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

If a hotel guest is celebrating a special occasion, for instance, the sight of chocolate taffy, fresh fruits and champagne waiting for them in the room can make all the difference. Additionally, offering guests a special discount on spa treatment can be one of the best cross ­sell methods. With just three of the 90€ hotel room upgrades and five of the 70€ spa treatments per week as noted above, the hotel can add 32,240€ to its turnover annually! Get more ideas to visit Hotel Marketing website.

In Conclusion

A hotel guest can buy additional products and upgrade a room on their mobile devices and it is an easy way to increase hotel revenue and guest engagement.  GuestJoy develops and creates great content in order to support full-service hotels. We provide hoteliers the ability to access guest intelligent data and personalize the guest experience. The solution has been proven that it increases hotel revenue and raises up guest satisfaction.

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