GuestJoy will help transform your hotel in the post-pandemic world.

It’s clear that as a result of Covid-19, the hospitality industry will need to operate in a new and more efficient way.

Here are the top things about GuestJoy that show why it’s the best platform to modernise your property and streamline your operations.

Online check-in

More and more, properties want to move towards online check-in; eliminating queues as much as possible, and in turn creating a faster, more hassle-free experience for guests.

Guests will expect a no-contact check-in option in order to save time and also limit close physical contact. GuestJoy has online check-in available with several PMSs, which not only helps eliminate lengthy queues on check-in, but also reduces the sheer volume of repetitive manual work that your staff need to complete.

Being able to promote to guests that you offer an online check-in option will be a valuable selling point for the foreseeable future.

You can still take advantage of GuestJoy’s check-in feature, even if we don’t yet have the capability established with your current PMS.

Trust and reassurance

The onus will be on hotels to provide guests with information that gives them confidence that their stay will be a safe one, as well as memorable.

What measures have been implemented at your property to ensure guest safety?

It’s best that you are proactive about informing your guests of these measures. Don’t leave it to chance.

GuestJoy’s Announcements feature allows you broadcast emails to selected groups of guests, saving you time and providing reassurance for your guests.

Automated communication

Streamline your guest communication and engagement to save hours of manual work on repetitive daily tasks, allowing you to operate more efficiently.

GuestJoy’s Scheduled emails is one of those fantastic “set and forget” features which eliminates many manual tasks.

With pre-stay emails, you can send a reservation confirmation email; show your guest upsell offers targeted at their type of stay; provide your guest with key information at the right time.

During-stay emails can be used to ask a guest for feedback they might have while they are at your property; engage your guest with special offers; or provide your guest with useful information such as recommended local attractions, or important information about the facilities at your property, such as restaurants, bars, gyms, spas, and so on.

Post-stay emails are primarily used to thank the guest for choosing your property for their stay, and requesting that they rate their satisfaction with their stay. Gain valuable insight into what your quests thought you could improve with our easy-to-customise guest satisfaction surveys. Finally, encourage more direct bookings by engaging with your past guests and inviting them to use a discount code to make another stay with you more attractive.

You decide which emails you want to send, and exactly when they should be sent to your guests.

Intuitive upselling

The needs and expectations of guests will have shifted. Present your guests with offers that are relevant to their stay and enhance their experience with you.

Because the number of bookings at your property will increase gradually, revPAR will become a crucial element to maximising profitability.

As guests gain confidence back in travelling for leisure, and businesses resume sending employees out for work-related travel, what are the expectations of your guests going to be? What things are going to enhance their stay in this re-imagined hospitality world? 

The most important thing to do to boost your revPAR is get inside the minds of your guests, determine what they will want to spend their money on, and then use GuestJoy’s segmentation tool to ensure that the right offers are shown to the right guests.

Digital experience

Reduce inbound requests by making key information about your property readily available.

GuestJoy’s Concierge web app provides guests with all the information they need for their stay; from getting your advice on the best ways to reach your property, to local activities and attractions, and your own recommendations.

Easy to customise and manage, it’s an entirely web-based app, so your guests don’t need to download an app just for a one-off stay at your property. Naturally, it’s designed to look great on mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop screens.


Whether we like it or not, the pandemic has changed many things; some of them forever.

The hospitality sector needs to see the silver lining of this cloud, and use it as an opportunity; a chance to transform your property and the experience you provide your guests.

Now is the time to update your property to provide a modern guest experience. And, you’d be surprised how easy and affordable GuestJoy is – we’d love to show you how you can benefit from it quickly!

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