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Guest reviews

Send out post-stay emails to your guests. Gather negative reviews before they reach the internet. Respond to issues faster. Easily create surveys to analyse issues in detail. Built-in Tripadvisor Review Collection for boosting your reviews

Tailored post-stay emails

Send out feedback reminder to all guests. Guests will receive a feedback reminder as soon as they leave your propety.

Use correct language

Make communication easier by sending emails in the correctly translated of your guests language.

Instant feedback resolution

One bad review can do serious harm. Respond to negative feedback before it appears online. Get immediate alerts of new reviews to understand, what guests are saying about your property.

Official Tripadvisor Review Collection Partner

Boost your Tripadvisor ranking with more reviews. Send out automatic post-stay emails.

Monitor results

Analyze in-depth how your hotel is performing on Tripadvisor. View rank changes over time.

Hotel Review Management

We analyse guest data for you

We provide hotels with a comprehensive insight of guests data before they arrive, including purchase history, comments, feedback and survey results. You will be able to use this information for marketing purposes over various channels, such as social media, email, PR, advertising campaigns, etc;

Value repeat guests

Repeat guests are critical to the success of your business. Understanding and addressing a guests needs is one of the most powerful marketing strategies available to a hotel.

No more paperwork

Analyse all data automatically from an intuitive dashboard. Everything is in one place with easy to understand charts.

Multiple channels

View reviews on and Expedia. See how your rank changes over time.

Competitor analysis

View how you are comparing against your competitors. You can see what guests are saying about your competitors.

Guest reviews