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Mobile concierge

Mobile concierge is your new virtual lobby. It provides information for your guests, facilitates special requests, receives orders 24/7.

Making life easier for guests

Guests can get all the information about your property and services it provides from one place. Guestjoy solution can be opened on any device without an installation.

One click order

No more forms. Guests can order services with one click. Front office gets immediate notification who requested what.

Special requests

Each guest is unique. Make them feel special with little favours. Get their special request early on so you will have time to prepare


Guest safety is the most important thing. Provide them clear tips on how to arrive to the hotel.


Mobile check-in

No one likes waiting in queues. Allow your guests to submit check-in information in advance. Increase guest satisfaction even before arrival.

Customize fields

Select what checkin information is relevant for your hotel

Map of the surroundings

Helpful information to help your guests out.

City information

Provide your guests helpful information about the city. This increases their safety.

Tripadvisor activities

With a single click, offer activities to your guests that are available in your region.