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How difficult it is to set up the account?

It takes only 3 minutes to set up the account. You can start using it straight away.

Do I have to create the whole content?

Your hotel profile is mostly automatically prepared and you only need to upload the offers.

How many offers I can upload?

You can upload unlimited number of offers. As soon the offer is uploaded it goes live to your guests.

How often can I change the offers?

You can change offers any time according what is relevant to you.

Is PMS integration needed?

Integration is not critical. It is a web based platform and can stand separately from PMS.

If I don´t have the PMS integration how can confirm the offers?

If you have offers that you can instantly confirm then you don´t have to reply to your guest. Guest gets an automatic confirmation. But if you have an offer that need to be confirmed i.e. third party then guest sees that it was a request and you will answer if it is applicable.

How can I see the orders?

When guests request something then you will get an email about the request.

How can I send out post-stay emails?

Our system enables to download the reports straight from your PMS and sends them out automatically.

How can I insert the guests to the system?

You can export the guest list from your PMS into the platform. If you don´t have any PMS then you can insert every single guest manually.

Is it possible to set it as landing page for my guests?

When guest goes to your free Wi-Fi network, then your Mobile Concierge page can be the landing page.

Does the guest have to be connected with internet to see the Mobile Concierge?

Guest have to have internet access to see the Mobile Concierge.

Which kind of offers should I upload?

Try to think more about the spontaneous purchases which are not too expensive. Some samples: Taxi service, room service offers, early check in / late check-out, city tours.

To edit an offer click edit button on the right corner and modify the text ‘according to your needs

If you have multiple languages selected, you select first the language you want to edit

Offers can be added easily just by clicking add offer link. Select from predetermined templates or add from scratch.

Changing the order of offers can be achieved easily by dragging the offer into appropriate place.

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Your share the link with your guests several ways:

  1. Pre-arrival emails
    Whenever you send emails out, include the link in the footer. This way your guests will know about the options before arrival
  2. Wifi redirection
    If you have Wifi and you router supports it, add your Guestjoy page to the initial page. This way each guest at your hotel informed about the activities
  3. Link to homepage
    Very easy to accomplish. Just add link to activities right to your homepage.

Using our online survey templates to reduce the time currently spent on administration tasks. It is very simple to use, only one click to activate the service.

Guests can be added easily from the Guests tab. You can add them manually or using bulk import if your PMS supports it.

You can save the guest list from the Excel by click save as and select Unicode Text (*.txt)

You can upload the guest list to the system manually by browse the file then click import.

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From dashboard you can easily see how the service is doing

Steps for starting to use the service


  1. Create an account
  2. Review management
    1. Edit post-stay letter text
    2. Add Tripadvisor & ID-s
  3. Upsell
    1. Edit welcome text
    2. Edit pre-arrival email text
    3. Add offers
    4. Add amenities
    5. Add directions
    6. Add images of property
  4. Configure email authorization
  5. Customer domain
    To use your own domain, ask your IT department to setup the following:
    DNS CNAME record – ->
  6. Translate all text to other languages
    Guestjoy can provide translations
  7. Training
    1. How the service works
    2. How the orders will appear
    3. Where to enter guest data or where to send guest reports
  8. Test everything (appearance, orders, emails)
  9. Activate service

To start using Guestjoy CRM, PMS interface is recommended but not required. Most properties can start using the service by just entering guest data manually during night hours. Later direct link with PMS can be added. For integration let us know the PMS provider you we will contact them for link.

Technical information

  • Entire solution is web-based. No app installation is required
  • For firewall we require HTTP and DDP traffic
  • Wifi router with landing page functionality (optional)
  • For PMS integration we support
    • JSON, XML & CSV formats
    • Email parsing
    • Webhooks