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How Hotels can Create a Special Guest Experience

GuestJoy interviews former receptionist, Elle Loik, to find out what challenges hotel receptionist face every day and to also discuss ways that digital technology can improve a guest’s experience. We asked Elle for her insights into the above, and she says:

“The most challenging is to provide exceptional service to every guest! Apart from being a receptionist, you will have to deal with all kinds of problems, starting from check-ins to check-out. The guests expect you to know all the answers, and so forth; it’s quite difficult. In my opinion, building a personalized guest experience is an art. By offering relevant additional services, you will have to understand the guests’ need. However, it seems to be an impossible task if you have to deal with other issues at the same time. In addition, I would suggest that the hotel takes advance over the technology, by using automated guest communication which will definitely provide more possibilities for the hotel.”

Elle’s statement shows that there are a lot of issues surrounding the communication between guests and the hotel. Therefore, we are providing a step-by-step on “using digital communication techniques to master your guest’s experience.”

1) Targeted marketing

A guest should be experiencing the greatness of a hotel even before they arrive. Therefore, nothing is more important than providing outstanding service at each moment of a guest’s journey. For instance, rather than sending out a generic email campaign with the same offer, you could customize the text, layout, and provide different room upgrades offer based on the room type for the guest. Furthermore, by segmenting the guest data, you can send a highly personalized campaign to promote specific amenities, services or experiences that might be of interest to your guests. According to research, targeted email is the most effective way to maximize the conversion rate. By engaging guests with personalized messages, they will be prompted to take action, thus increasing the click rate, which leads to higher revenue.

2) Guiding guest choices

The importance of intelligent up-selling of the right services to the right guests can add up to 35% of revenue. In a recent analysis by GuestJoy, we found that more sophisticated recommendations lead to a better review score for the hotel. To get more bookings, hotels will need to offer relevant services only to the guests and reduce the options presented to them. Amazon makes use of this approach to guide a customer’s decision and speed up the buying process. Additionally, in the hotel world, Booking.com makes use of guest data to target customers. To process this data, they match the “previously searched” on their site and use this information to make relevant suggestions.

3) Improve the during-stay experience

Social media is now playing an important role in our life; good old-fashioned face-to-face conversations are slowly fading away. Because of this, every hotel must have an online presence to serve guests at every engagement touchpoint. Hotel brands are very competitive; therefore, guests will only give a high score to those that go the extra mile. According to a study, 78% of modern guests prefer being able to access all information pertaining to a hotel within a single email. They prefer sending a request via text over picking up a phone to call. This is a favorable approach as it allows guests to lead the conversation and get an instant response without having to physically engage with hotel receptionists.

4) Ask for feedback

Why do you really need to listen and respond to guest feedback? By asking them to share their experience, you will be able to identify the areas that need improvement in your operation/service. Addressing these issues early on will prevent the same mistakes from happening. The more you listen to what your guests say, the better your service will be. Moreover, they will become your brand ambassadors and more likely recommend your hotel to their family and friends.

The power of personalization

Travelers have increased their expectations. Therefore, instead of providing only accommodation services, hotels have upped their game and are focused on becoming the dream destination. Technology has now made it easy to engage with guests. This can be done via a “Welcome” message that also includes up-selling offers on promotions related to the guest’s recent purchases as well as his/her length of stay. Most guests are happy to receive this type of promotion; therefore, it is considered to be one of the best sales tactics. After their stay, instead of asking guests to fill a survey form, it is better to send a ”Hope to see you again soon” message to collect genuine feedback. In addition, by putting your guest’s needs in mind and using technology to personalize their experience, you are on the road to success.

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