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Collect feedback

Be nice - never let the guests just walk away. Ask how they enjoyed their stay and what could be improved. Encourage happy guests to post reviews on the world’s biggest websites.


Take action

Encourage guests to leave feedback. We will automatically direct them to your desired worldwide review site.

Precise timing

Choose the exact date and time when your thank you note will go out. And find out which times perform the best.

Easy editing of emails and text messages

Use our templates to create post-stay messages that look good on any device.



Solve issues at the hotel

Solve any issues they might have before they leave. This way you can prevent a potential nasty review that could have been solved at your property.

Feedback emails

Ask guests for detailed feedback. Just a few clicks on smiley faces and an option for leaving comments.

Get notified of every action

Receive notifications for actions your guests make, whether it be orders, feedback, or any other request.

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