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Mobile check-in

Help reduce long lines by enabling your guests to check in from their mobile device - no app required. A faster, safer check-in makes for a happier guest!


Digital signature

Guests can add their signature to confirm that the data is correct.

Document scanning

Guests can submit the copy of their passport using a smartphone.

Fully customizable fields

Customize your check-in form exactly the way you want.



Fast check-in with keycard pickup

Enable guests to check-in and collect their key card at the reception.

Distribute door codes

If using PIN code based door access, send keycodes via email. Codes can be extracted from the PMS or door lock system

Open doors (coming soon)

Guests can open doors using their mobile phones



Check-in kiosk

Easy setup

Software is web-based and works with any tablet. No need to for complex hardware installations.


Perfect even for smaller properties, who can’t afford complicated solutions

Fully customizable

Choose the questions being asked, confirmation text and styling




Frequently asked questions


Do you send information back to PMS?

It depends on your PMS.

With some, we have a two-way integration. This means the guest’s data is sent directly to the PMS, freeing up staff to do other things.

When we don’t have a two-way integration with your PMS, the guest’s data is sent via email, and staff can add the data to the PMS in a less busy period.

We’re constantly working to getting more two-way integrations!


Can I customise the form?

Absolutely. You can collect any sort of information you want. Customising the form is very easy to do.


Can a guest “sign” the check-in form?

Yes, guests can digitally sign the form using their finger on a mobile device, or mouse on a computer.


Can the guest scan their passport/ID as part of the check-in process?

Yes, you can request passport/ID scans as part of the check-in process.


Can I collect check-in data for all the guests named on the reservation?

Yes. You can collect data for all guests on the reservation. In addition to this, you can also choose which questions only the main guest needs to answer, and which questions must be answered for all guests.


Does it allow to pull full inventory?

This feature is planned to be supported in future.

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