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Raise your guest communications game

With GuestJoy you can elevate your experience the way you want it. Create all the touchpoints without complex software.


Unlock your potential

Be profitable

Our powerful upselling help you better organise your upselling process.

Be personal

Treat each guest like they are, unique. Communicate in their language, ask about their preferences, and allow them to customise their stay.

Be efficient

GuestJoy helps you automate all aspects of your guest journey to drive results even with fewer people.


“As far as the implementation goes GuestJoy is an easy program. I got training in the very beginning and have managed to do everything independently since. Our Assistant Manager didn’t even get training and she still manages to use it easily every day.”

Sandra Dis (Umi Hotel, Iceland)


Why choose GuestJoy?

Extremely easy to use

We put a heavy focus on user experience, to make the product as easy to use as possible.

Support is our key feature

We know technology can be challenging at times. We are always here to help you.

Immediate benefits

When you start using GuestJoy, we will see results coming in from day one.

Ready to get started? It only takes a few clicks to get a personal demo.


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