Three For Free!

GuestJoy is free for three months to help boost your upsell revenue and communicate effectively with your guests.

As guests become more conservative with their travel arrangements, hotels are experiencing cancellations of existing bookings, and a drop in new ones being made.

With a reduced number of guests, now, more than ever, hotels need to focus on RevPAR to help cushion the blow that has been felt in the hospitality industry across the world.

Additionally, timely and effective communication to keep your guests reassured that your property is well-prepared to provide them with a safe, enjoyable stay is vital.

Knowing that we’re all in this together, we’re announcing that during March, new customers can use GuestJoy FREE for THREE months, to help see you through the worst of the tourism downturn!

This is the exact scenario where investing time into RevPAR and effective guest communication is the most important thing you can do.

Sure, it costs you nothing, but why use GuestJoy?

  • It’s super easy to set up GuestJoy for your property. In fact, with our help, you can be up and running in an hour!
  • Supercharge your upsell revenue, provide your guests with a fantastic experience in the process
  • Effectively and easily communicate with your guests regarding your hotel’s preparedness to provide them with a safe, enjoyable stay
  • Help prevent cancellations by reassuring your guests
  • We don’t charge commissions. All the extra revenue you make is yours to keep
  • Communicate with your guests in 20 languages
  • There’s no obligation to continue using the system after your 3 months is up – though we suspect you’ll want to!

And yes, you read that correctly: we’re offering new customers the chance to use GuestJoy for FREE for three months!

Nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Talk to us now, and we’ll work together to get past these tough times 💪