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GuestJoy is a guest communication tool that helps hotels to improve the guest experience and earn more revenue. With GuestJoy, you can easily upsell services, collect feedback, allow guests to check-in, or drive direct bookings.

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More about GuestJoy

Online check-in

Help reduce long lines by enabling your guests to check in from their mobile device – no app required. A faster, safer check-in makes for a happier guest!

Boost revenue with upsell

Let the customer journey start with a personal touch. Send out welcome messages and see if you can be of assistance. It’s also a perfect time to offer room upgrades and additional services, rather than doing it from a busy front desk.

Collect more feedback

Invite satisfied guests to write reviews on TripAdvisor or Google. Create private surveys. Get a detailed view of your hotel’s performance on different review sites, and analyse all feedback in one place.


Stay connected to your guests and make them offers they can’t refuse. Invite them to come back and book direct.

The Guest Experience using GuestJoy

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